Offer Virtually Unlimited Payment Options with Blue Snap

Global competition requires the ability to accept global currencies, multiple credit cards, and non-traditional payment sources. Businesses that are still clinging to three or four credit cards as payment options will not become global businesses. Browsers of the website will continue to seek out other sites that provide more payment options. Conversion rates will remain low, and search engine rankings will be adversely affected.

A New Approach

Instead of limiting options, expand them with Blue Snap. This is an all-in-one platform designed to meet business and customer needs on a global scale. Checkout pages can be configured in twenty-nine languages. Think about the exposure the business will enjoy reaching that many people.

One-hundred currencies are supported by this platform. Combined with exceptional payment routing, the business will experience fewer declined transactions. The transaction is automatically routed to the bank closest to the customer which will most likely be the financial institution processing the purchase.

Payment types, that include eWallet systems, number one-hundred and ten. That goes far beyond a few popular credit cards. When people know they will be able to purchase what they see, they are more likely to stay on the site and spend money.

Be Everywhere

Businesses will have the capacity to accept payments from multiple places. Marketplaces, virtual terminals, subscriptions, invoices, online, and via mobile checkout systems are all ways payment can be accepted. Travel the fair circuit in the summer, increase sales at flea markets, and take custom orders at trade shows and exhibitions. Bring the business to customers with every viable opportunity presented.

The exposure, social media buzz generated, and marketing tools gathered will be varied and exciting. Pictures of the booth all set up at the exhibition, comments from delighted customers at the craft fair, and blog posts written on-site will provide marketing information for several months. There will be zero struggling for new content, no need to repost pictures, and ways to attract new customers. Compete with businesses of all sizes on a global level.


Pricing for the platform is straightforward. There are no added fees for setup or annual renewal of services. Monthly costs are based on the average number of transactions, with volume discounts available. Fill out the short form on the product website and a sales representative will provide a quote.